Welcome to imind

…  an organization providing psychological therapy and professional training.

At imind we believe that everyone has the capacity to enjoy living…

AND that

difficult emotions like
too much anxiety or anger, depression or guilt

and their related behaviors like
obsessions, addictions, avoidance or denial  

over-ride this capacity for
enjoyment, contentment, inner peace and harmony in our lives.

The imind approach is newly developed by bringing together understanding of the nature of being human with

  • 2 complementary drives – to live and to survive (stay alive), and
  • 2 complementary processes – a Self and a Mind

which explains the origins of our emotional and behavioral problems (mental disorders) and is consistent with the latest neuro-biological knowledge

Our focus at imind is for lasting change for resilience in managing life’s challenges… by promoting a shift from

an externally-validated view of self, originated in the mind, defined by I am what I have, I am what I do
a healthy view of Self, i, defined by I am who I am

In managing problems in living the imind approach shows you how to
choose not to follow your Mind

 i managing my mind


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