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Our Services… providing psychological therapy plus
professional training and supervision
Our Mission… raising the  resilience of our community – for real


Are you having trouble with emotional issues like…

– feeling overwhelmed with what’s happening around you?
– feeling stressed or losing your ‘cool’ too often?
– feeling sad or unhappy too often?
– feeling angry or upset about how you’re being treated?
– feeling overwhelmed with shame about your past?

  …OR are you…

– caught in obsessive negative thoughts?
– overwhelmed by distressing memories?
– suffering from an addiction?
– experiencing loss or bereavement?

   Do any of these impact on your…

– parenting?
– relationship with your partner?
– friendships?

 Do you notice being caught in a way of seeing yourself

leading to constantly seeking solutions
to get rid of your unhappiness and attain happiness?


imind psychology


applying understanding of the origins and development
of human behavior for living and surviving…

 using specific strategies for

 living with
less stress   AND   more harmony and happiness

discover the experience of
being yourself rather than being your reactions




can help you discover the capacity present within You

… the power to choose not to follow your mind

for permanent solutions for well-being

 i managing my mind

the foundation for true resilience

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