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What’s Going On For You?


Are you having trouble with emotional issues like…

– feeling overwhelmed with what’s happening around you?
– feeling stressed or losing your ‘cool’ too often?
– feeling sad or unhappy too often?
– feeling angry or upset about how you’re being treated?
– feeling overwhelmed with shame about your past?


…OR are you…

– caught in obsessive negative thoughts?
– overwhelmed by distressing memories?
– suffering from an addiction?
– experiencing loss or bereavement?


Do any of these impact on your…

– parenting?
– relationship with your partner?
– friendships?
– workplace relationships?


Are you worried about not enjoying…

– a pregnancy?
– your family?
– your work?


At  imind, we help you to understand
the source of your problem and why it is so difficult to change.

We work with you in developing better skills to manage life’s problems
and your reactions to them.

  We treat people, not problems, through                                            

understanding the nature of being human.

The imind process stems from an understanding of the unique issues
that arise in humans through our Self awareness – i – which enables, in us alone,
conscious control over a powerful automatic mind.

freeing i from my mind


imind treatment

focuses on developing the strength of the conscious Self, i, to

– observe, explore and reinforce learning of more constructive
long term solutions for managing human problems to
– over-ride unhelpful habits of our minds, formed mostly in childhood

is an integrated approach, incorporating

– cognitive, behavioral, emotion- and solution- and body-focused treatments
from many therapy techniques – including CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy),
mindful reflection and focus, auto-suggestion, sensori-motor awareness

provides a strong focus on long term solutions which
reflect values associated with right living.



helping you take control when your experience of living
triggers problem emotions and behaviors which lead you
away from inner peace, contentment and harmony in your life


i managing my mind


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imind Client Services …

Individual and Group Psychology sessions

with rebates available through private health insurance or Medicare for Clinical Psychology

Individual Therapy for various problems including depression (specializing in pre/post-natal depression), anxiety and anxiety disorders, anger issues, infant and parenting problems, obsessive compulsive behaviors, relationship problems, addiction, developmental trauma, grief and bereavement (specializing in pregnancy and infant loss, including pregnancy after loss), chronic pain.

Group Therapy for various issues including parenting, bereavement, pregnancy after loss, stress management, organizational issues and staff management AND for teaching the imind process, as a precursor to individual sessions and for relapse prevention.


Workshops and Seminars

based on the imind approach including:

– managing pregnancy and early parenting
– pregnancy and baby loss and pregnancy after loss
– parenting for resilient kids
– resilience programs for schools
– stress management for better living


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