iMind Sessions


after completing your contact details we may ask you to complete

– a form listing what you want to move from and to move to
by consulting us at imind

– a short inventory about how you see yourself

during the session
we usually ask you initially to tell us about…

the current problem that brought you to imind typically about an emotional

your past experience in growing up and other relevant aspects in your life
influencing the ways you typically feel and behave

then we usually give you feedback about

any links we see between your past learning and your current issues,
particularly in how you learned to view yourself
how your feelings related to this view of yourself promote behaviors to
– ‘repair’ any perceived deficits or
– maintain the way you want to see yourself.

we then show you how your ‘story’ about your self

– has developed automatically in your mind
but may not be logically correct

– elicits actions which can become a major focus of living through
managing this view and its related emotions by

– avoiding situations that trigger it, or
– doing things to prove it’s not true

finally, we help you discover the Self in you that

is constant over your life – rather than fluctuating with life experiences
is associated with a sense of calm – rather than emotional reactivity
promotes seeing things as they are – rather than how the story about
your self ‘needs’ them to be.

This is the basis of the imind process of therapy.


imind uses mindful, cognitive and body-focused
strategies and techniques to assist you in

– recognizing when the learned reactions arise
– reducing the intensity of unhelpful survival reactions
– promoting increased calmness, cognitive change and
more functional behaviors

In showing you how to
be yourself (your i) rather than be your reactions (your mind)




 teaches you about


living with 
less stress
more harmony and happiness in your life