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 Through understanding the nature of human behavior from its biological origins

imind helps you to understand the origin of human suffering
– our emotional and behavioral problems –
(often called mental health disorders)

imind explains how our emotional and behavioral problems
have evolved from the human adaptation of an emotionally-driven animal brain.

This human-only adaptation, creating our automatic mind, enables
concept development – the basis of our creativity – and
language – taking us out of the present
to recall the past and imagine future possibilities.

While enabling us to live as we do, these capacities are also the source of our suffering.

imind then reveals our uniquely-human conscious awareness – i – our capacity to use reason
and choose between the alternatives that arise in our mind.
This is our in-built resource to manage the often inaccurate ‘conclusions’ of our minds.

imind integrates wisdom of the ages with this biological foundation and is
consistent with recent findings from neurobiology and empirical science.

imind treatment


imind demonstrates how our early concept of our self
… based on how we were treated, what we do, what we have…
is the core of our emotional and behavioral problems.

imind helps you reveal the experience of your Self

your ever-present i, as your awareness
… your uniquely-human CAPACITY WITHIN …
which enables you

to enjoy living and
to be at greater ease in facing life’s challenges

so that difficult FEELINGS which arise from your past learning,
too much anxiety or anger, depression or guilt and shame
their related behaviors like
obsessions, addictions, avoidance or denial  


 DO NOT over-ride this capacity for
contentment, inner peace and harmony
in your experience of living


i managing my mind

the core of true resilience




living with less stress
more harmony and happiness



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