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We provide…

Psychological Therapy

Good psychology practice should leave the client feeling supported and free to focus on their surroundings
Feeling Supported


  • adults
    • individual
    • couples
  • adolescents
  • children and parents

with emotion and behavior problems ( may be described as mental health disorders) in their roles and relationships … more

Professional Training


  • psychologists
  • health professionals
  • teachers
  • organizations

Professional Supervision


  • psychologists
    • general registration
    • endorsed registration for:
      • Clinical Psychology
      • Educational and Developmental Psychology
  • health professionals
Helping people to view circumstances and reactions with a broader perspective
Broader Perspectives

Our Mission

To raise the  resilience of our community – for real

Our Professional Mantra

We view the world through the lens of how we see our Self

Our Treatment …

is based on understanding what makes us human and deals with the core process that underlies all human psychological problems. We describe human behavior and its problems in a dynamic model which details the origins and development of our behavior. This will help you to

  • understand the relevant processes for therapy
  • apply specific strategies for living with more harmony and happiness rather than stress
  • discover the the capacity present within you to experience being your Self rather than being your reactions
    • to know your power to choose not to follow the automatic reactions of your mind
    • unleash your free will, your power to manage your mind

strengthen the foundation of your true resilience – knowing who You are

I managing my mind

Penny Brabin - Psychologist BSc, MEd, PhD, FAPS, FCCP, FEDP
Dr Penny Brabin
BSc, MEd, PhD,

Who is iMind?

Dr Penny Brabin

  • Principal Psychologist
  • AHPRA Endorsed
    • Clinical Psychologist
    • Educational & Developmental Psychologist
  • 30+ years experience
  • Founder of iMind …more

also iMind practitioners experienced in the iMind approach

Medicare for Clinical Psychology and Private Health extras rebates available