iMind Kids

the mission of  imind… raising the resilience of our community – for real

The most important job for the next generation is

to raise resilient kids

the foundation for true resilience

– holding your own when the going gets tough –


 to develop

a valid view of Self that is stable across all experience…

helping our kids in…

learning to

react with less stress


living in more harmony

and happiness

 i managing my mind

Human babies come into the world with different temperaments and sensitivities

which can be moderated or exacerbated through early parenting experience…


how they learn to react over the rest of their lives.

children need parents and significant adults in their lives to…

  • – model appropriate management of their own emotional experience
  • – treat them with respect and to acknowledge their emotional experience
  • – support and encourage them to manage their emotional experience
  • – develop their awareness of – KNOWING – their Self that is:
  • – NOT what they feel
  • – NOT what they do
  • – NOT what they have

but is always present


I’m OK all the time


this is promoted through:

  • – the attachment process in parenting
  • – the way we handle parent-child interactions and problem-solving
  • – the language we use when talking to kids

to know and experience what am

the foundation for true resilience


–> imind for Parents

–> imind for Schools and Teachers

Workshops and Seminars based on the imind approach to treatment are offered by imind psychologists addressing:

  • specific treatment group needs – e.g. parenting, pregnancy, bereavement