The iMind Process

Our iMind process is client-centered. We want you to feel comfortable with us so we can better understand what is happening for you, in your situation. Then our goal is to work with you to help…

  • expand your perspective about your situation – through describing the relevant fundamentals of human behavior
  • support emotion and behavior change for better living

How we work with you

The Initial Session

Listening to your emotional experience
Your Experience

After completing your contact details we may ask you to complete some short forms helping us know your therapy goals and to assess your current emotional status.

When we sit down together we usually ask you first to tell us about…

  • the current problem that brought you to iMind 
  • your past experience influencing the ways you typically feel and behave and how you are reacting now

helping you reflect on

  • any links between your past learning and your current issues, particularly in how you learned to view your self – the story your mind created about you
  • how your feelings related to this story promote behaviors to…
    • avoid situations that trigger the feelings
    • ‘repair’ or hide any perceived deficits
    • maintain the way you want to see yourself
  • whether you consciously CHOSE these feelings and actions and how helpful these are for you, recognizing that…
    • our repetitive need to keep focusing on the behavior ‘solutions’ distracts us from the real event – getting on with living

We then, explain what separates us from other animals – our conceptual capacity AND conscious awareness. These human-only skills enable us to know about our Self and world AND to consciously manage our reactions to experiences. This provides a basis to help you explore…

Finding a way through the storm
Finding You
  • an alternative way of viewing your Self...based on KNOWING who You are, as separate from your automatic feeling-driven mind
  • capacities already in You for effective problem solving to…
    • notice the stories of your mind
    • discriminate the facts from the fiction of these stories
    • choose action for long-term solutions

Freeing You from your mind – accessing your free will

the basis of the iMind therapy.


iMind emphasizes mindful reflection as the basis for …

  • recognizing when your learned reactions arise
  • reducing the intensity of unhelpful reactions
  • promoting calmness
Connecting with your conscious awareness to manage life in all it presents
Finding a Way

in order to promote cognitive/conceptual shift from your mind’s view of your self and its related demands, to the non-judged view of You which provides access to more functional behaviors

to be yourself (I) rather than be your reactions (your mind)

Accessing You

to live with more harmony and happiness in your life