for Parents

imind for Parents

raising resilient children

    understanding the essential processes


functional adult living:

1. the role of unconditional love



their stable concept of

Self …

demonstrated in action and words…

I love you all the time

(the precursor to knowing I’m OK all the time)

2. the need for Self discipline



choice of action…

to pause, ponder and pick action

to resist the reactivity of their minds

demonstrated by training appropriate behavior…

being able to say ‘No’

offering choice between alternatives

reinforced in

how you talk to your children about their Selves

imind for Parents

promoting the core foundation for resilience

– a valid stable view of Self –

demonstrating living


awareness of our equality…

treating others how we want to be treated


being resilient to how we are treated

 i managing my mind

individual and parent sessions

parenting group training Raising resilient kids – for real