iMind Therapy

What’s Going On For You?

Are you having trouble with emotional issues like feeling…

  • overwhelmed with what’s happening around you?
  • stressed or losing your ‘cool’ too often?
  • sad or unhappy too often?
  • angry or upset about how you’re being treated?
  • overwhelmed with shame or guilt?

…OR are you…

  • caught in obsessive negative thoughts or compulsive behaviors?
  • overwhelmed by distressing memories?
  • suffering from an addiction?
  • experiencing loss or bereavement, particularly after the loss of a baby or infant before, during or soon after birth?

…OR have you been told you have a mental health disorder, like…

  • attention deficit
  • autism
  • bipolar
  • complex bereavement
  • dissociative identity (multiple personalities)
  • borderline personality (or other personality disorders)
  • post-traumatic stress

Do any of these impact on your…

  • parenting – from bringing home a baby, managing child, adolescent or adult child issues?
  • relationship with your partner?
  • friendships?
  • workplace relationships?

Are you worried about not enjoying…

  • a pregnancy – particularly after pregnancy or newborn loss?
  • a relationship?
  • your family?
  • your work?

At  iMind, we help you

understand the source of unhelpful reactions AND why we can get stuck, making change difficult.

then… we work with you to develop better skills to manage your emotional and behavioral reactions to life’s problems. These reactions block our natural access to peaceful contentment.

We treat people, not problems, through understanding the nature of being human.

What iMind adds to other Psychology approaches…

We recognize 2 new related capacities which separate us from our mammalian ancestors. These are the capacities…

  1. to develop concepts, derived automatically in our minds. We then live through the way we VIEW our world which is not always as it is! This enables us to fly to the moon but, on the down-side, can get us caught in
    • unhelpful stories or ways of seeing the meaning of events
    • the emotional reactions to these stories
    • automatic behavior, usually short-term, for dealing with the events as we view them
  2. for conscious awareness to assess fact from fiction in the stories about our world and our experience in it. This enables us:
    • to over-ride these automatic emotional reactions, helping us
    • consciously choose, then learn, more constructive behavior for long-term outcomes
    • allowing us to use our free will to engage with what we value as right living
Using your ability to choose behaviors over reactions
Taking Control

Our conscious awareness, as I in humans alone, enables control over a powerful automatic mind.

Freeing I from my mind

iMind treatment

focuses on

  • strengthening our experience of our Self, allowing access to our natural state of being in peace and harmony ….
    • to over-ride the unhelpful habits of our minds by engaging our conscious awareness to
      • observe
      • discriminate and
      • choose more constructive long-term solutions for managing living

The iMind approach promotes …

  • recognition of our automatic (unconsciously) derived concepts (cognitions) as we feel they are
  • a cognitive shift to seeing events as we know they are
  • appropriate behavior change for best long-term outcomes
To understand your feelings and emotions grow your ability to apply knowledge
Growing Knowledge

Therapy techniques from numerous approaches can be used. Embraced within coherent theory, these include…

  • Mindfulness
  • ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • Sensori-motor Psychotherapy
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Auto-suggestion (Hypnosis)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

iMind therapy

  • providing a strong focus on effective long-term solutions which reflect values associated with right living
  • promoting inner peace, contentment and harmony in your life.

I managing my mind

Accessing my free will


iMind Client Services …

Individual and Group Psychology sessions

with rebates available through private health insurance or Medicare for Clinical Psychology

Individual Therapy for the range of common problems listed above. Specializing in …

  • pre/post-natal depression
  • pregnancy and baby loss before during or after birth
  • managing pregnancy after loss

Group Therapy for various issues including the iMind approach in…

  • parenting
  • bereavement
  • pregnancy and baby loss including pregnancy after loss
  • stress management
  • organizational issues and staff management

Workshops and Seminars

based on the iMind approach including:

  • managing pregnancy and early parenting
  • pregnancy and baby loss and pregnancy after loss
  • parenting for resilient kids
  • resilience programs for teachers in schools, kindergartens and child care
  • stress management for better living

… more

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