iMind Referrals

imind Referrals

imind provides individual and group psychology treatments

with rebates available through private health insurance or Medicare for Clinical Psychology

  • Workshops and Seminars

based on the imind approach to treatment addressing:

  • specific treatment groups,  e.g. parenting, stress management, organizational issues – e.g. staff management

Therapeutic Services

  • imind offers Individual therapy for various problems including depression (focus on pre/post natal depression),  anxiety and anxiety disorders, anger issues, infant and parenting problems, obsessive compulsive behaviors, relationship problems, addiction, developmental trauma, grief and bereavement (focus on perinatal and pregnancy loss) and chronic pain.
  • Group Therapy is offered to teach the imind process, often as a precursor to treatment, and for relapse prevention.

Making an appointment: Contact imind now!


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